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Cut Pile Tufting Gun VS Loop Pile Tufting Gun

Cut Pile Tufting Gun VS Loop Pile Tufting Gun

Hand-made rugs have been increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly in the United States. Because of Covid-19, many people have felt compelled to stay at home during various lockdowns, but others have resorted to acquiring a new skill or engaging in a new interest as a result of their experiences.

Using a tufting gun, you can create a rug design by hooking or punching yarn into the material to create a design on the surface of the fabric.

Comparing the advent of the tufting gun to the traditional manual ways of rug production, the introduction of the tufting gun has greatly shortened the time it takes to finish a rug. To begin, we will define tufting guns, examine the differences between cut and loop pile carpets, as well which guns are most ideal for each rug finishing process.

What is Tufting and Tufting Guns

What is tufting, and how is it done? Tufting is an old procedure that has been used for hundreds of years to create soft and inviting fabrics. Through the weave of a fabric foundation, using a punching machine, a small folded piece of yarn is punched through the weave.

On one side of the fabric, ‘yarn tufts’ are made, while dots are created on the other side of the fabric. Following its initial development with the aim of producing warm clothing, the technology was later applied to the production of carpets and rugs, among other things.

Each item is finished by gluing and backing the fabric with the yarn, which helps to keep the yarn in place once it has been tufted in place.       

What exactly is the Tufting Gun?  In the process of hand-making a rug, a tufting gun is a tool that is used to assist in the automation of the process. Depending on the application, there are a variety of different types of guns that can be used to create low and high pile carpets with a cut pile or loop pile finishes.

The employment of electric guns is common in the manufacturing of low pile carpets, whereas pneumatic guns are common in the production of high pile carpets. Various electric weapons will be examined in this article since they are suited for use at home and can be obtained at a reasonable price, which is the intention of the article.

The use of tufting guns is common in the rug industry in order to create two separate types of piles. If the yarn is pushed through the material more than once, it forms a “U” shape or folds the yarn.

A cut loop pile is created as a result of the cut loop pile. An example of a loose loop pile rug is one that is created by punching a continuous piece of yarn into the fabric, resulting in tightly packed little loops on either side of the rug’s front surface.

Make a note of the differences and similarities between the two types of tufting guns in order to determine which one is most suited for your rug-making endeavor.

Cut Pile Tufting Gun

Cut Pile Tufting Gun. This is the most often used type of rug pile all over the world. As a result, the pile becomes loose and shaggy, which is soothing on the feet when walked on. When the yarn is cut by the tufting gun after it has been driven through the foundation material, a cut pile is generated on the surface of the fabric.

As a result, the pile stands erect and the fibers are clearly visible in the pile. When using scissors, you may neaten up the strands of yarn, and you can easily remove any unusual bits of yarn that have accumulated.

You must glue the ends of each of the yarns that are added to the rug pile together to guarantee that your rug remains intact when it is in use. Each yarn that is added to the rug pile is cut.

When using the cut pile tufting gun, you can make cut lengths ranging from 5mm to 20mm, and when using the longest option, you can achieve a velvety rug finish that is extremely impressive.

It is more difficult to get precise designs on the right side of a rug, and it is possible that color leaking will occur when colors are placed close together on the rug, as illustrated in the figure below.

A pair of knife-cutting scissors is included with the cup pile tufting gun, which makes it extremely simple to cut yarn while working on your rug while using the gun. If there are any defects or irregularities on the back of the rug, you can use scissors to smooth out the lines and edges on the front of the rug.

Cutting the yarn with cut pile tufting guns saves you time, allowing you to create your rug in less time than you would otherwise have to spend doing so by hand. There is no doubt about your ability to fulfill your tasks.

Loop Pile Tufting Gun

Loop Pile Tufting Gun. Loomed yarn is weaved into the pile of the rug to create a looped appearance to the rug. Using a continuous piece of yarn, holes are punched into the foundation material, which is then stitched together to form the finished product. Loop pile rugs are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas since they are extremely durable and long-lasting.

When creating a loop pile rug, it is vital to have scissors on hand because, unlike the cut pile tufting gun, the loop pile tufting gun does not come with built-in scissors, as does the cut pile tufting gun.

Once you have completed a piece of the craft, they will need to cut the yarn for you. As a result of the tight, short loops of yarn created by the loop pile tufting gun, the ultimate product can be exceedingly rough due to the continuous cycle of yarn punching that occurs during the manufacturing process.

Due to the fact that the loop pile tufting gun does not come with built-in scissors, you will need to manually cut the yarn after each line or area of tufting is completed.

A bigger area of the foundation cloth will need to be covered with yarn in order to generate a compact rug pile on the front side of the rug. This will take longer. The rug edges or any other portion of the rug design may not be shaved off because this will result in the rug being turned into a cut pile finish.

Advantages Due to the tight weave of a loop pile rug’s finish, it is ideal for patterned designs that do not necessitate any additional tidying. It is possible to build more complicated designs using the loop pile method than you would otherwise be able to do.

Best Tufting Gun

So, what kind of tufting gun should I get? Additionally, the cut pile and loop pile tufting guns are both good for speeding up the process of hand-making your own carpets, and they are both available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

When making the decision on which tufting gun to purchase, the most crucial element to consider is the type of rug that you want to make with it. If you want to make luxuriously soft carpets with minimal patterning, the cut pile tufting gun is the tool to use if you want to create luxuriously soft carpets with minimal patterning. For elaborate designs that require a long-lasting finish, the loop pile tufting gun, on the other hand, maybe the finest alternative to consider.

However, it is important to remember that when learning a new skill, there is a learning curve to take into consideration. It may take a lot of practice and several weeks before you feel completely confident in your ability to use a tufting gun, regardless of whatever model you choose.

If you have learned the appropriate methods of handling, moving, and operating your tufting gun, you will be unstoppable in your endeavors. Visit Urban Tufting  for all your rug tufting needs.

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