Our collection is a rainbow of hues, from the palest fishbelly white to the deepest hunter green, and every shade in between. We are proud specialists in wool tufting yarn, the ideal yarn for rug tufting with a tufting gun.

Our wool yarn for tufting comes in a variety of vibrant colors such as tomato-red, goose yellow, salmon pink, and more, making it the best yarn for tufting rugs. If you’re a novice pondering over what kind of yarn for tufting to choose, or a seasoned professional in search of the best tufting yarn, we’ve got you covered.

Dive into our spectrum of colors, including the luxurious brown wool yarn, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and richness to your creations. Whether you’re using a rug yarn for tufting gun or hand tufting, our wool tufting selection is the top choice.

Discover why our wool yarn for rugs is considered the best yarn for tufting gun use, and why many choose our tufting wool for their projects. So, if you’re wondering what yarn to use for rug tufting or what kind of yarn for rug tufting is best, look no further than Urban Tufting.

Tufting Needs: Rug Tufting Kit | Tufting Gun | Tufting Cloth | Replcement Spare Parts

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