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Tufting Tutorials

How to Make a Pillow with Rug Tufting Gun for 2024

Ever thought of making a pillow with a rug tufting gun? Or have you visited homes and been carried away by the beauty of the living room because of the well-placed pillows and you covet such?

Such a feeling isn’t a crime and trying something new can be so exciting and interesting and we are going to look into that now.

You might be wondering what tufting is all about, and how it can be used in making a pillow. Then let me introduce you to it.

Tufting is simply an act of needle punching through a backing material in the form of a loop. Lovers of needle works should be at least a bit familiar with this.

With this craft, you can easily make a lot of colorful creations like tufted sneaker rug, tufted mirror, tufted tote bag, tufted coasters and tufted lampshade and many more.

Once you understand the techniques in making tufted products, you can always lay your hands on them whenever you feel like and try out something new. In this article, we will be discussing how you can make a pillow with a rug tufted gun. But before we dive fully into that, let’s know what a tufted gun is.

A Tufting Gun

A tufting gun is a handheld machine where yarn is fed through a needle and subsequently punched in rapid succession through a backing fabric, either with or without scissors.

One unique thing about this tufting gun is that it is faster than manual procedures. It saves time and it is fun to handle. Apart from being a time saver, it is more efficient.

There are two types of tufting guns, manual or electric. Electric tufting guns can be cut-pile, loop-pile, or a combination of both and are able to produce multiple pile heights. A similar effect can be achieved with punch needle embroidery or rug hooking.

After tufting, the pile can be sheared or cut using electric shears or scissors to tidy and sculpt the yarn for the finished product. This can be done either before or after the latex glue is applied to the backing. This process also helps to remove any loose fibers which may have come to the surface during the tufting process

How to use Tufting Gun

Safety Measures

The first and most important thing you need to know is the safety precautions of handling a tufting gun. If you will be using a tufting gun, always make sure that it is turned off when threading it. Preferably unplug the machine, that way you cannot turn it on by accident. Also unplug your tufting machine when changing/replacing any parts.

And whenever you are changing the scissors of a cut pile tufting gun, do not forget that it is sharp, therefore, ensure you handle it with utmost care to avoid cutting your hand. While tufting, you must be careful not to touch the moving parts while tufting and make sure that they get stuck in the moving parts.

Threading your machine

Regardless of the tufting gun model you bought, the machine has two “eyes” that need to be threaded, one at the top of the machine and one in the front of the needle. You can thread your tufting machine by putting de yarn first through the eye on top and last through the needle. It is easiest to use some kind of needle threader.

Threading your tufting gun

If you have your tufting set up complete, with a tufting frame, a well stretched tufting cloth and proper yarn feeding, you can get started with tufting. And tufting is not limited to rug tufting, as many tuft makers now make use of tufting guns to make pillows for their sofas and home decors.

How to Make a pillow with Rug Tufting

This is the method of hand-making rugs by threading loops of yarn in a design onto supportive fabric. Just as you know that you can’t buy your ingredients before cooking, you will also need to get some needed gear for what you are about to do. So, it is important you get materials like tufting yarn, backing material, tufting gun, tufting frame, fabric, thread, sewing machine and interfacing.

To make your pillow with a rug tufting gun follow these procedures;

You must first get your design done. What do you want? What do you want it to look like? You can start your design with a sketch.

Then, prepare your frame and decide which part of the piece you want to be a cut pile and which parts you want to loop, so you can now project onto your frame.

There will be a need for a test. You surely want your work to impress you since it’s your first.

Knowing fully well that your pillow needs to be flexible, the use of glue won’t be advisable and that’s where interfacing comes in. Interfacing is a type of thin backing that is used to stiffen or add a body to a fabric. It comes in two types which are sew-in and fusible.

It’s preferable to use fusible interfacing. Meanwhile, the use of fusible interfacing will involve the application of your pressing iron. There is a need to make a pillowcase.

You can determine the size and shape yourself. The next step is the use of your sewing machine. Place your work and pillowcase appropriately and sew them together. After this, kindly tuck in your pillow and love what you see.


A good way to express your personal style and beautify your home decor in 2023 is by making yourself a pillow with a rug tufting gun. This process is quite easy and interesting so far you can systematically follow the guide needed as explained in this article.

Tufting guns is a popular tool that makes this very fast and fun, as you can craft a pillow with different colors and patterns adding your touch of style depending on your level of creativity and how far you can explore.

Do well to embrace the beautiful art of pillow making with rug tufting gun and bring more comfort and beauty to your home this year

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