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Tufting Tutorials

How to Create Custom Tufted Rugs for Your Home

The rate at which most people have come into the understanding of how tufting can be made a hobby has drastically increased this year. If you are someone who loves hobbies like 3D printing, woodworking, embroidery, modifying Nerf blasters, then tufting is a hobby that I can introduce to you.

I can boldly tell you that creating a custom tufted rug is easily one of the most fulfilling hobbies you can launch into, as it makes you explore your creativity and earn income for yourself.

The interesting thing about tufting is that it is very easy and quick to learn for anyone so far all the tools needed are available with a workable space within your home.

Imagine how you will feel, when you craft a product design that won’t only interest you alone, but also serve a purpose in your interior home decor and others around you.

It is very important to have every tool needed to get started as they are very much affordable if gotten in the right tufting store.

If you truly want to launch into the tufting world, there are few decisions you have to make right. In this comprehensive article, I will be sharing in depth knowledge of how to make your own right decision and also craft your tufted rug to the finishing process.

Creating with Tufting Gun

One of the things that should be considered before tufting is whether to use the manual or automatic tool for your tufting process. Because if you will be using the automatic, tools like tufting gun and tufting starter kit will be needed, but for the manual, you can just make use of a punch needle for your rug making.

Many beginner or Do it myself enthusiasts are always too impatient to implement the manual technique for making tufted rug, and this is because it is time consuming and not too effective for usage unlike the tufting gun which is faster and more effective to use.

Those who couldn’t afford the tufting gun mostly go for the manual method of making tufted rugs.

If you are considering the automatic method, it is advisable to get a tufting gun that can both cut piles and create a loop pile. This tufting gun machine can effectively create a loop pile during the rug tufting process.

The right decision that I will advise you to make is to get a tufting gun and starter kit from a reputable company like Urban Tufting, they are known for delivering high quality and affordable tufting machines for either professional tufter or a beginner who is just launching into the world of tufting.

There are varieties of guns with different functions. We have tufting guns that can tuft up to 18 mm and there are also high piles that use pneumatic air and they have the capacity to tuft to a length of about 70 mm.

Building the Frame

Since you now have the knowledge on the kind of tool that best fits for rug tufting, it is now time to understand how to build the frame for your project.
In terms of woodworking, building a frame for your custom tufted rug is very easy so far you have a square.

As tufted, you can cut the beams at a 45 degree angle or simply screw the pieces together as many tufted ones always do. It is advisable to always pre drill the holes during this process in order to avoid cracking.

What has been known to be workable and easy is by just screwing one beam to the other, and this is one of the instructions any beginner must pay critical attention to. Always make sure that the beams you are getting for your frame are straight, and the size you decide to measure will depend on where you are placing the artwork.

You can lean it on the wall of your interior home, but just make sure there is enough space for the needle to penetrate into, without pinching or disfiguring the wall.

During this process, much consideration should also be given to the working height, as you can clamp your frame on the table in order for you to work upwork, without bending down too much. This has much to do with your comfortability.

Many tuft makers build their frame based on the length of the rug that has been made, and another thing that you will have to put in mind is that the length of the inside you are able to afford. You can make the length of the inside of your frame 90 cm, as it will give you enough space to clamp the fabric in place without wasting too much material.

After you are done building your frame, you have to consider how you would like to attach your fabric to it. The proven way of doing this is by using a staple gun. You can use dual purpose carpet gripper rods that can be reused any other time.

For your tufting yarn to move freely, you need to consider using a construction, with eye hook screws that will guide you and make you work easier and neater. During this process, ensure you keep your tufting yarn from the tufting gun.

Secondary Backing Fabric

Immediately you are done with your tufting process, you will then have to fold your primary tufting cloth over to the back and hold it in place properly for better outcome, and then sew or glue in order for it to stay neat. You can also use a carpet edge binding tape to protect the edge well.

A secondary backing fabric can then be used to cover the tufted rug. You can make use of different secondary fabrics like a non slip fabric, anti slip mat or attach it with a spray adhesive in order for it to look neater and perfect for use.

Picking of Yarn

There are various tufting yarn that can be used in creating your custom rug, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The different types of yarn that might want to select from has been listed below with insight of what each of them entails.

Acrylic: Acrylic is a choice of yarn that you can select from, as it is very resistant to dirt, moth and fading. Some tuft crafters select acrylic because it is more affordable and available in a wide range of colors compared to other kinds of yarn.

But the disadvantage in acrylic is that it has a tendency to fuzz and shed as it is very soft compared to other yarns, and this made it a kind of yarn that couldn’t hold its structure well. If you are not subjecting the tufted rug to too much wear, acrylic yarn will be the best choice for you.

Cotton: Any rug made from cotton is always soft and comfortable for the user to walk on, but they are very much sensitive and attractive to stains.

Nylon: One of the strongest fibers for any product, and this made it durable. This kind of yarn is always chosen due to its ability to resist fading, and heat. Some tuft makers utilize this yarn choice because it is easier to maintain and clean compared to others.

Wool: What makes wool the premium fiber is the ability to withstand crushing, and retard fire. As good as wool yarn is, what made many users avoid its usage is due to its cost. But you can still get this kind of yarn at an affordable price at some reputable tufting store like urban tufting companies. Any product made from this yarn can last for a very long period of time.

The selection you are making mainly depends on the money you have and what you want to use the rug to do. Some tuft makers do not like the feel of the nylon rug since it is hard for them to use and the choice of color for this yarn is very much limited . The limited color deprives users of making use of the type for a big rug project.

If you want to make a rug with tufting technique for someone or planning to make it for the purpose of selling, wool yarn might be a good choice for you.
Also ensure you have enough yarn in your gun when tufting so as to get a good and consistent tuft.

Glue Application

The glue has so much importance as it is mostly used for holding the tufting yarn during the process of tufting. You apply it to the back of the custom rug that you have tufted.

There are different types of glues that have been proven to be workable, in the likes of latex, polyvinyl acetate, and acrylate polymer.

There are some other things you will also need to use. They are permanent markers, pliers, scissors, clippers, palette knives, hot glue, and projects.

The Preparation Process

Before starting the preparation, it is good to rewind the yarn you are using, and then add the backing fabric to your frame. Ensure you take time to stretch the cloth as tightly as possible without tearing it off.

And when picking the design you will use for your rug tufting process, ensure that the level of details is not too high. During this process, make your rugs extremely dense and this will make it not have issues with distorted designs.

To be able to use your tufting gun well, start by threading your gun, and then use a bent wire to pull the tufting yarn through the hole in the needle.
And to finish your mistake is very easy as you can plug the yarn out, but you have to be very careful in order for you not to tear your fabric.

For you to be able to fold the excess of the fabric you are using over to the back, it requires you to cut into the border, except you are not ready to follow the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is regular yarn appropriate for my tufting project?

A: The tufting yarn that is sold in the tufting store is known for high quality and texture which can never be replaced with the use of regular yarn.

Q: Can someone new to tufting launch into it?

A: So far you have your tufting gun and tufting starter kit, you are good to go.

Q: How to make the right selection of tufting yarn?

A: In order to make the best selection, consider the texture and color of the tufting yarn, and ensure it complements the home decor or interior home you are using it for.

Q: With tufting technique, is intricate design possible?

A: You can implement different patterns and create an outstanding design with tufting technique.

Q: Is it compulsory for me to have a specific skill in order to create a custom tufted rug?

A: With diligent practice and putting attention to details, you can improve your tufting skills within a short time

Q: How can I ensure producing high quality custom tufted rugs?

A: By implementing non-slip rug pads and utilizing high quality backing materials for better performance.

Q: Can other projects be done with tufting apart from custom rugs?

A: Sure, you can make a pillow, wall hanger and fashionable accessory through tufting technique.


Many people venture into the art of tufting and it has become generally accepted by a high level of the world population. Imagine how well you will feel when you see your completed rug tufted project, after a few hours or days after the work has been put into it.

There are endless ways you can incorporate your tufted creations into your home decor, as tufted rugs can be used in different ways in things like flooring coverings to wall hanging as mentioned in this article.

Some individuals make use of custom rug tufting to create things like winter wear.

Rug tufting is a very fun and rewarding craft that can always bring your creative idea into reality. Whether you are a professional crafter, beginner, there are various tools available in our company to get started today. Start exploring your creativity today by launching into the world of tufting and become a professional in a very short time.

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