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Tufting Tutorials

Tufting for Kids Fun and Creative Projects For Children

This method of tufting technique has boomed in social media. You can find breathtaking tufting art done by such talented craftsmen on the internet, as some other advanced ones make use of tufting gun and starter kit for their project

Tufting can be a simple project or a complex hyperrealistic project. Which makes it clear how versatile this craft is. The kit itself comes in various levels of difficulty for you to choose from easy to hard. This way you can either learn this new form of art or roll up your sleeves for a new big project.

Most tufting starter kits consist of everything you will need to complete a project and they are pretty inexpensive. But here’s the question, Why Tufting?

The repetitive motion is proven to be soothing and relaxing. This is also probably why people love to unwind their day by tufting, especially with the manual method through the hand. And the process is so engaging and relaxing, it’s really easy to lose track of time.

A simple tip for you, don’t be overwhelmed, this form of art is all about trusting the project. From many of our customer experiences, the start and middle of the process can be kind of questionable.

Most individuals who embark on this project always ask himself if they will be able to do it right. But if you continue with the process, in the end, it surely comes together. And that’s why every craftsman and woman has embraced the modern method of tufting, which involves the use of guns.

During the tufting process either through manual tufting or tufting gun you need to be careful, as you will be handling sharp needles and poking your needles. You might have an oopsie.

We recommend wearing finger guides and using proper products. And this precaution specially goes to children in order to avoid accidents or injuries.

Creative way of decorating with tufting technique in a fun way.

Tufted Decors Accessories

Tufting is an underrated DIY craft project. Many people are unaware of its incredible potential for making great home decor, clutter, and even apparel through the well known tufting technique.

Have you ever seen tufted rugs or tufted shawls? Even little tufted baskets are functional and lovely.

You’ll be surprised when I tell you that there is much creativity any young kid can explore through the tufting process in making little tufted projects that can be useful at home.

Some tufted products don’t require a lot of materials, and the project won’t hurt your wallet either. It’s a treat for mothers as they can not only enjoy themselves with this engaging craft but also involve their kids for some quality bonding time.

Christmas easy DIY gift

An easy DIY home improvement tufted projects for you to attempt that will completely transform your space are numerous in like tufted wall art, tufted keychains, tufted pillows, tufted bracelets, and tufted soft toys.

And these few projects can be done by your kid in order for them to have fun and show their creativity at a very young age.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you and your children make use of the tufted product made by them?

The interesting part of this process is that it is effortless so far the tools needed are available. You can do it with a little effort and time. Just take note that not all kinds of tufting can be exposed to little kids, as they might possibly not be able to handle a tufting gun at a young age. But hand tufting can be fun for them till they are old enough to handle the tufting gun.

The amazing thing is that any tufting project made can be given as a gift to their friends and family to showcase their creativity.

Embroidery Kit

Another kind of hobby related to tufting is embroidery. Embroidery is such a beautiful hobby. This is a whimsical craft idea for lockdown adults and mid teenagers. Embroidery is creating beautiful art using cloth and stitching.

Buying kits is always a win since you do not have to search or buy each product from different sites. You get everything you want in one package.

There are different things you will you get in an Embroidery Kit

Like embroidery hoops,needles, fabric and assorted colors of embroidery floss.

Some of the fabric even comes pre-printed with the design, so you won’t have to trace it from a piece of paper. Or if you wish to create your own design, you can purchase plain ones too.

Embroidery is not a challenging hobby. They are supposed to be relaxing, breezy and shouldn’t feel like a huge investment of time and money. They are in fact a great inexpensive hobby and are pretty easy to get hang of.

There are many ways you could use your embroidery. It’s amazing you’re creating wall hangings, pillowcases, pins, and patches, on your t-shirt. If you’re looking for hobby DIY craft room ideas for small spaces then Embroidery may be your best bait.

Crochet And Knitting

Another hobby related to tufting is crocheting and knitting. Crocheting and Knitting are life skills that you can learn for creating adorable gifts for your family and loved ones. They are great for creating garments, blankets, hats, mittens, and many more.

You can start with learning basic knitting and proceed to more complicated patterns. After watching a few tutorials and reading some how-tos, you should be able to get hang of it easily. As always it’s always about practicing. The more you practice, the better and faster you get.

Tips: Use chunky yarns and thick needles. Those give you a better grip and are perfect for beginners. In fact, chunky yarns are in trend so you might be up to something.

Most of the knitting equipment are one-time investments, except for wool. Knitting tools are inexpensive and easily available. All you need for knitting and crocheting are wool and needles.


If I have to mention one of the most popular DIY creative craft ideas during lockdown then tufting takes the cake. Tufting has been a hot trend and it’s for a reason. It is a technique of creating the most fluffy and beautiful items. And it’s very easy, you don’t even need to have any special training.

It is always a good idea to practice a few lines to get used to the gun and its movement. Within a few tries, you can have your hands flowing the ways you didn’t know it would.

However, there are certain ways you should do it. Here are some tips that might be helpful.

Pre-plan and decide the colors and designs, then start with tracing out borders and ensure you use one color at a time, changing colors continuously could be difficult so try working in sections.

The next step is now to fill in your outline, and you can always use horizontal lines.Ensure you do not forget to trim the loose ends to make sure it all looks even, smooth and beautiful.

Don’t forget to seal the back of the design with glue and let it air dry for at least 48 hours.

As tufting is a huge gossip, it does come with a price. So we only recommend tufting for only those who are really interested as it’s quite an expensive hobby. The gun itself is somewhere above USD 200, other things you will need are a wooden frame, fabric, and tufting threads.

But for an affordable and reliable tufting product, you can always check out a well reputable store that’s known as an urban tufting store.

After further investigation, the investment to buy a tufting kit is actually reasonable in the long run. You will be able to create your own unlimited supply of custom rugs with a fraction of the prices you will be paying. We highly recommend tufting as a great DIY home improvement craft.

Kids play with Yarns

Yarns are like a blank canvas. You can choose what to do. Did you know yarns make such a great engaging kid play that would be amazing to keep your kids entertained during a boring lockdown period?

Kids must hate being inside the house all the time and the lockdown probably makes them feel dull and low. So here are a bunch of fun activities for preschoolers to make their creative juices flowing.

The classic yarn doll

Making this yarn doll is pretty easy so it’s suitable for little kids to follow along. Trust me, they will have a lot of fun creating and playing with their doll. Felted yarns are created as it is easier to grab for little kids and they are completely safe and biodegradable.

Wrapped Yarn Decor

If you have any old or boring decor you have laying around, that just doesn’t look good anymore? You could actually let your kid do the sprucing up for you. In fact, it’s also a great DIY home decor idea for adults too.

Yarn bowls

We have been giving you all the DIY home improvement ideas to do in Lockdown. So it wouldn’t be nice if we didn’t let the kids hop on the train. Here’s an easy way for your kids to contribute. They can have fun making it and it makes a great decor too. It’s a win-win situation.

Blow up a balloon.

Add fevicol (or any nontoxic liquid glue) to the bottom half of the balloon.

Now, the real challenge is can they wrap the balloon with yarn without bursting it? Do this craft with your kid to find out.

Generously wrap the bottom half of the balloon, cut the yarn.

Give the yarn one more layer of glue with a paintbrush.

Let it completely dry. Then poke the balloon to burst it (kids will probably love it)

Hey, just a little secret. Did you know, you could create amazing baskets with felted yarn? And this has become very easy through the new technique. The new technique involves the use of a tufting gun and a tufting starter kit.


Q1: What is tufting?

Tufting is a type of textile manufacturing in which a thread is inserted on a primary base. It is an ancient technique for making warm garments, especially mittens. After the knitting is done, short U-shaped loops of extra yarn are introduced through the fabric from the outside so that their ends point inwards

Q2: What are some fun tufting projects for kids?

Children can always be involved in the creative making of tufted projects like tufted wall art, tufted keychains, tufted pillows, tufted bracelets, and tufted soft toys.

Q3: What materials do kids need for their tufting project?

Children will need tufting yarn, a tufting tool like a tufting gun or can make use of the hand needle. An optional material like frame can be used to keep the base of material taut.

Q4: Can younger children participate in tufting projects?

Yes, tufting projects can be adapted for different age groups. For younger children, it’s best to start with simple and safe projects, like tufting onto fabric using blunt needles and soft yarn.


There are times you might be bored but on the plus side, you can spend your free time at home doing whatever you wish. And hobbies like tufting can be a fun way of spending your time with your family and friends. A working adult will absolutely cherish this moment of freedom and relaxation. So it’s not that bad. There are a range of tools that can be used by young kids in making tufted products of different kinds.

You need to believe me when I tell you that the level of your children’s creativity and intelligence can be improved by spending your leisure time to supervise them as they explore the art of tufting in different forms and kinds

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