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Using Tufting Yarns to Add Texture to Fashion Accessories

When you decide to create a tufted fashion accessory, your choice of yarn color palette is an important step in the design process.

Any color you decide to choose will significantly affect how your tufted fashion accessory will appear and feel.

Due to the large selection of tufting yarn colors available, selecting the color combination that will work best for your project can be challenging.

This guide you are about to read will cover everything you need to know when choosing a yarn color scheme for tufting, to produce the tufted fashion accessory of your dreams.

Understanding the Importance of Tufting Yarn Colors

In order for you to achieve the desired look for your tufting project, the choice of color you chose is very much important.

Because every color has its own peculiarity and has the power to arouse different emotions.

Let us discuss why choosing proper selection of color is important, in order for you to have a better insight into it:

Setting the Mood

The mood of a piece of art can be determined by its color scheme or type. Based on research and real individual conclusions, it has been deduced that cool colors like blue and green evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, while warm colors like red, orange, and yellow create the warm and inviting atmosphere anyone can ever desire.

And the overall atmosphere of your project can so much be impacted by the tufting yarn colors an individual decides to select.

Bringing out Design Elements

With the use of colors, your tufting project can describe a particular element. Most tufted patterns are highlighted and denoted by bright and contrasting color but muted and monochromatic tones show a more refined, subdued appearance in a tufting project.

Expression of Self

You can do well to express your personality, show the kind of taste and memory you want by exploring your creativity in the selection of different combination of your yarn colors

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tufting Yarn Colors

Project Category and Goal

In the process of selecting tufting yarn colors, it is better you start with the kind of tufting project you are working on and for you to achieve the desired effect on various projects, various color schemes might be needed.

In the instance of you creating a tufted fashion accessory, you will then need to think about your existing whole dress, in order to ensure the color matches enough to bring out the desired beauty and latest fashion.

It is always better that you pick the kind that goes well with the previous fashion design and go in line with other elements in the fabric you are wearing.

You can experiment with the yarn with vibrant colors if you make a tufted fashion accessory.

But you need to take the color and theme of your whole dress into consideration, to ensure your color selection blends well and strikes a corresponding feature within the whole look.

Color Psychology

Every individual has his or her own perception about color, and this in one way or the other has so much influence on the choice of color we select for their project.

When you have the proper knowledge of the selection of colors, it helps you to make a correct choice that strikes better for your patterns or design.

Let’s dive into the association of color that you need to know as someone who wants to make the right selection for his or her tufting project.

● Red Color: This bright color signifies and also interprets favor, vitality and warmth when you rightly use it for your tufting project. It brings about the feelings of intensity and excitement to your surroundings.
● Blue color: As this color is one of the popular colors that has the highest usage. It stands and represents stability, calmness and peace. So when you desire an imaging denoting peace in your home decor, blue color can be well considered for your tufting project.
● Green color: This is a color that has much to do with nature. It represents nature and harmony when used in any kind of place, and it always brings about vitality to humanity.
● Yellow color: This special kind of color invokes a kind of unique feelings like that of joy and optimism
● Neutral tones colors: This type of color majorly serves as background and it always goes hand in hand with different colors like red, blue, and green if perfectly used.

When making the decision of selecting the tufting yarns for the addition of texture to your fashion accessories, you must give more consideration to the full dress you intend to use the tufting tufted fashion accessory for.

Generally, colors like that of blue and green create this kind of calmness in the fashion world.

Existing color scheme

When much consideration is given to the relationship between the whole fashion design and the choice of tufting yarn color, it produces a beautiful and attractive appearance that makes you look prestigious and elegant.

By making a good selection of tones that are in your dressing, you can easily incorporate the mixing and matching into the tufting project.

Combining contrast color to the existing color scheme can also make your tufting project stand out perfectly and meet up with your choice of taste.

Preference based on personality

The kind of taste you have can well enough reflect in the kind of combination of yarn you select and match together.

Tufting projects gives you a better chance to explore your creativity and showcase your preference.

We all have a special taste of color that denotes who we are and reflects more of our personality.

Therefore, you do not have to restrict yourself alone to the color popularly used for the previous kind of fashion you are working on.

Stay true to your personal preference and kind of choice in the yarn selection in order to stand out in the fashion world.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Tufting Yarn Color Palette

Creating a mood board first

One of the effective tools for visualizing any color scheme is by using a mood board. You can get inspiration by gathering pictures, fabric swatches, paint samples, and any other inspirational items relating to colors.

You can be placed inside a board platform in order to ensure everything needed is within your reach.

You can then make a proper search amidst the colors and textures that have been collected by theme.

Also make a proper observation on how various colors interact and associate with one another, and ensure to critically observe how each color elicits a particular feeling by creating the mood board.

This will surely assist you in focusing on the color scheme that corresponds well to the aesthetic you desire for your tufting yarn color palette.

Critical thinking on the objective of your fashion accessory.

You have to do a proper and critical thinking on the objective and settings of your project before settling on the tufting color scheme.

For example, you can make a plan of having a tufted fashion accessory that will have a different color scheme than the piece of fashion designs you have.

In most cases, it is better for you to consider the purpose of the tufted fashion accessory once it’s completed.

For you to achieve a balanced appearance in your look, it is good to pick colors that perfectly complement the full dress.

Recognize color proportions.

As you are so concerned about using your favorite color, ensure you also avoid overpowering your tufting design with too many strong colors, because it’s important that there’s balance and cohesiveness in your overall appearance.

Therefore, think critically about how each color you decide to select fit into the whole design of your fashion.

A better strategy that has always proven to work is by the utilization of a dominant color as your primary hue in your tufted piece.

You can then use other few hues as accents to draw attention to certain tufting patterns you are making.

This is also a way to showcase your visual interest. Always know that a tufted tufted fashion accessory mood can be greatly affected by the ratio of colors you decide to choose.

To find out the perfect harmony that complements the goal of your tufting desire, you can do well to try out various color ratios till you get what fits well into your plan and patterns.

Try a different color temperature.

As you know that we have different color temperatures, they are categorized as warm or cool. For you to evoke a sense of peace, a cool hues like that of blues and brown can be used for a flexible and unique background.

Many fashion designers who understand the mixture and matching of various temperature groups can excellently make an eye-catching tufting yarn color palette by mixing hues in different colors.

Yarn test swatch

Displaying a tufted product before thinking of its commitment to a specific color scheme is what is referred to as tufting yarn swatches. As you need to be reminded that the yarn colors’ appearance can be influenced by the surrounding colors and lightning.

You can examine the colors both during the day and night, in both natural and artificial lighting, as this will help you understand how the color you are selecting interacts well.

Take your inspiration from nature

It’s amazing that there is abundance of color inspiration in nature. With the beautiful color combination in nature, you can seek inspiration for your tufting project.

There are inspirations that can be gotten from nature like flowers and seascapes.

Even the tone of sunset can inspire your yarn color scheme well. There are designers that get inspired from the vibrant hues of a garden, and the severe tone of the beach.

Keep your style consistent

Inconsistency in style used for a tufting project can also disfigure its look, it is very much important that you take your color theories into account, as you need to understand that your project is a direct reflection of the kind of taste you have as an individual.

During this process, you do not have to be skeptical or afraid to follow your gut in the selection of colors that you feel is best for your project.

Be ready to change

You also need to be willing and ready to make changes during the tufting process, as it might be necessary to do so at some point. It happens that some selected colors may appear in a different way in the finished tufted piece than they appear in the yarn swatches.

Immediately you notice that the color selected initially is not performing its function as expected, you can make a change without hesitating, so as to bring about your desired outcome.

Flexibility is permitted in tufting, so making even a little adjustment to the color scheme can have a significant impact on the outcome of your design.

Get an opinion.

Getting an opinion during and after your tufting process is very much good and crucial. If you are unsure about the color selected, do not be afraid to ask any other creative friend or family for advice and inspiration.

In the creative process, always keep the selection of the ideal tufting yarn in mind, in order to get a better result in your tufting project.


Q: Can I make tufted fashion accessories myself?

A: Sure, if you want to make a tufted fashion accessory for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, you can easily do that by following all our articles as a guide in making them as a beginner.


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