Welcome to our online store. If you want to get started tufting you are in right place. If you have already worked with rugs or yarn before, you’ve known the importance of tufting Machines or tufting guns. On this page, you will find various world-class tufting guns. Rug tufting is a unique art where you can create enormous pieces with relatively little material. Once you have purchased a good tufting gun, you will have pretty much everything you need to start tufting!

If tufting is art then the tufting gun is the brush of this art. And every intelligent artist buys his art instruments after checking them well. Not all artists’ art is good with all brushes. For this reason, they only buy suitable instruments for themselves. First things first, you’ll need a tufting gun and yarn. You can either use the same color yarn for the entire rug or experiment with different colors to create a fun and unique design. So you also need to find out which is the ideal tufting gun for you. There are many low-quality tufting guns on the market. But it is not possible to make good quality tufting with those tufting machines. The best quality tufting machine is required for the best tufting.

It is not possible to do all the work with the same tufting machine. So considering your needs, we decorate our online shop with many types of tufting machines. When it comes time to purchase a tufting gun, there are a few things you need to consider. Tufting guns come in either “cut pile” or “loop pile” styles. The former cut the yarn at an angle and leaves a sharp edge, while the latter wraps the yarn around a needle to create a loop. Some guns can do both, but it’s important to know which style you’re looking for. The problem is, that choosing the right tufting gun is difficult. Amazon and other retailers are flooded with cheap knockoff guns that will break after your first few pushes.

It’s also important to find a gun that’s comfortable for you to use. Our guns are ergonomically designed and lightweight, making them easy to hold and use for extended periods. From our shop, you can take any kind of machine you need. You will get the model you need from these different models of our machines because we have a huge collection of the best premium-quality tufting machines at very reasonable prices. Before starting your tufting journey, Select our best-in-class tufting machines here from our store(urbantufting.com). Even if you are unfamiliar with the art of tufting, their intuitive and easy design will enable you to create rugs effortlessly. If you’re new and just looking for a quick recommendation, check out any of the models listed below.

Tufting machines are professional power tools with a needle and scissors moving at high speeds. Please use your tufting gun responsibly and keep it out of reach from children. Maintenance on tufting guns is simple: Keep the machine clean by regularly dusting it. Always keep the moving parts lubricated.

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